LEGO marbled highlights

 Marbled parts by color changing


These marbled parts arise mainly, when the different colored granule were changed while production.

During this time, achieve the different colors the molding form and parts with this unique marbled style were produced.

This parts have to be distructed. They don't live the productstandarts.

But time by time, parts like these, find the way out from the factory.


Planned marbleds


These parts were made with remaining granule.

Mainly as a base for later colored parts, like bushes, trees, street lights and others.


Planed marbled Automatic - Binding - Bricks ( ABB ) were also made with remaining different granule.


Marbled ABB exist also from color changing while a production process. These are significantly less common than the planned ABB.


Modern regular planned marbled parts like birds, spiders, rocks and more exist also.

But these parts will not find space here ;-)