Dagny Holm glued models

Dagny Holm Jensen, born 18th of Mai 1916. Niece of the LEGO founder Ole Kirk Kristiansen.


At the age of 19, she designet her first toys for her oncles woodfactory in Billund. She leaves the company after three months.

She married and lived in Copenhagen.
In 1961, shortly after her husband died, she returned to her uncle's company in Billund.

The wooden toy has now been supplanted by the LEGO bricks. She quickly became friends with the new material.

In 1963, during the early discussions outlining the LEGOLAND Park, there was no doubt of who to put in charge of the creative works., Dagny´s large scale models built with humor, inventiveness and solid craftsmanship soon became the image of the brand, embodying the imagination of adults as well as children all over the world.


 Her passion brought life to an amazing collection of LEGO designs, and would further inspire thousands of builders across the globe.

It is well deserved that Dagny, by many LEGO fans & lovers, is still considered The First Lady of the basic elements.

Over time, she has designed many models.

Not just for the Legoland. She designs employee gifts, gifts for dealers and VIPs until the late 1980's.