LEGO 1:38 VW / 1:43 Chevrolet

1:43 scale Chevrolet models were produced in 1952 - 1957.

In this time, trucks with saddle up trailer, trucks with two axle trailer, trucks with click loading platform and Chevrolet vans were made.

As the charge for the models,  wood BP cans and wood Esso barols were produced.

The animal transport truck had animals like horses and cows on the platform.


VW beetle models in 1:38 scale were made for VW dealer.  Produced in the late 1950's.

It means, VW dealer had the possibility to display their clients 8 different colors.

This different 8 colors were used for the real VW beetle models. The VW production in Wolfsburg got these for their clients too.

Also a display board with 8 bolted VW beetles is known.